So what is Aloha?

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"Aloha." The word is almost synonymous with Hawaii, but what, really does it mean? You'll hear that it can mean hello, goodbye, love, and more. But aloha is far more than a simple greeting, it is a spirit that captures some of the unique qualities that are at the heart of Hawaii and it's people. To me, the essence is best captured by an organization called Live Aloha whose goal is to encourage individual responsibility and action to make Hawaii a better place.

While they did not attempt to define aloha specifically, they provided this description of what aloha stands for:
A -- akahi, meaning kindness to be expressed with tenderness
L -- lokahi, meaning unity to be expressed with harmony
O-- Olu ' Olu, meaning agreeable expressed with pleasantness
H -- Ha 'aha'a meaning humility expressed with modesty
A -- ahonu -- patience, expressed with perseverance

Along with the above, the organization developed a list of twelve actions to help ensure the spirit of aloha remains alive in our community. I share them with you so that you, too, may live aloha while you are here in the islands and take the spirit of aloha with you when you go back home

Aloha in Action
Respect your elders and children
Leave places better than you found them
Hold the door, hold the elevator
Plant something
Drive with courtesy. Let others in,
Attend an event of another culture
Return your shopping cart
Get out and enjoy nature
Pick up litter
Share with your neighbors
Create smiles
Make a list of your own

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