Restaurant Feature: Star Noodle - Lahaina, Maui

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Tucked away in the scenic hills of Lahaina, Maui is a hidden gem known as Star Noodle. With a menu created by Top Chef Seattle Finalist, Chef Sheldon Simeon, the food here features Japanese style ramen with fresh house made noodles and a myriad of unique Asian fusion dishes.

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Lahaina and stopped by for some good eats. Fair warning that the wait can be long, so we recommend coming early for peak lunch and dinner hours, or calling ahead to make a reservation (especially for 5 or more people).

The Hapa Ramen featured in the first picture was rich and hearty, and the noodles were fresh and cooked to the right amount of chewiness.

There are over a dozen different noodle based dishes, with some soup based and others pan fried, so don't be afraid to order different styles. Highly recommended are the Singapore Noodles, which are vermicelli noodles served piping hot with a nice hints of curry, shrimp, chicken and stir fried vegetables.

The Vietnamese Crepe was our favorite plate to share (pictured second), served with fresh lettuce, mint, cilantro and a Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. It was refreshingly fragrant and the crepe provided a nice crunch to contrast with the delicious shrimp, pork and bean sprout filling.

All this eating required a couple ice cold beverages to wash it down and Star Noodle did not disappoint. They have a full sake selection as well as deliciously prepared cocktails and fusion inspired drinks. Picture number three features the refreshing Strawberry Yuzu Soda and the pleasing Green Tea with Asian Pear and Dragon Fly flower.

The Filipino "Bacon and Eggs" was our next favorite dish, and it is another great one to share. This dish featured juicy morsels of pork belly sizzling on a hot iron plate, topped with an egg that barely had a chance to cook while we gobbled it up.

You can find Star Noodle up the road from our favorite local Supermarket, Foodland Farms Lahaina, at the top of Lahaina Business Park at 286 Kupuohi St., Lahaina, HI 96761. Say hello to the friendly staff for us and let us know how you like it!

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